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The World Cup is over for us…

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October 12th

India x Ghana

Whistle of the referee.The match is over. And the World Cup is over for us.
Empty feeling.
Despite a normal defeat, but a hard 4-0 score against Ghana, it was exciting to hear the applause of the supporters gathered around their national team.

Recognition go to a generation of players who fought with dignity and honoured their country.

We feel likened never walk alone in this World Cup. And players can continue to dream, because now, more than ever, believe that is possible to improve and in the near future to fight the best teams with a greater balance.

The tears at the end are more of frustration, of those who wanted give more joy to such a generous supporters, than sadness for result.

Quiet awareness of giving the maximum. Except the mission was gigantic. And the difference of competitive experience was enormous.

Unforgettable Worl Cup! Thank you boys for your commitment and performance. I’m very proud of you all.

“Dear PAST thank you  for the lessons. Dear Future we are ready.”