At the end of the 80s, already retired from professional football, I integrated the Portuguese veteran national team, that played some games in the United States. As a coincidence, we were in Newark on the 10th of June, Portugal’s day, where a large Portuguese population resides. On that day and place I have remarkable memories of Eusébio.
In a festive parade, more than 100,000 people marked their presence in Newark’s streets, especially in Old Ferry Road. Our Portuguese team was inside an enormous vehicle, with Eusébio in front. It was impressive to see his popularity abroad. A king that everyone wanted to touch, hug and take photographs. His humbleness was shown through his desire to give every single person his attention. He always held onto the national flag. He was the greatest ambassador of Portugal at the time.

In the picture, other than Eusébio, stands Fernando Gomes (Boot of Gold, twice), Eduardo Luis with his recognisable moustache, Rodrigo Castro Pereira (president of Clube Portugal) with his sunglasses and my wife, at her first football trip.

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