Talent Hunting – World Cup – Brewster or Abel Ruiz?

By October 26, 2017 No Comments

Which of these talented players was the most influential and decisive during this FIFA U17 World Cup?

The amazing Brewster from England national (plays at Liverpool)? Or the incredible Abel Ruiz from the Spanish national team (player from FC Barcelona)?

If the decision had to be made today, my favourite would be the english player.

Smashing Brewster!!

When it was thought that the most influential player of the team, Jason Sancho, was able to weaken the squad, here comes Brewster to get two consecutive hat tricks that were decisive to put England on the final match against Spain.

Although both were decisive on their way to the final and both have the possibility to be considered the top scorers of the tournament, I believe that the player who is in the winning team will be considered the Best.
Surely two fantastic players with a brith future ahead.