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The last days of preparation

By September 27, 2017 No Comments

We have arrived at Delhi, from Goa, our home to dispute the games of our group stage that includes USA (opening match 6 October), Colombia (October 9) and Ghana (October 12).

Go to get 3 points in the first game. (Delhi Airport)

Desire to get 3 points….

Goa to Delhi – This penultimate stage of the U17 FIFA World Cup preparations in Goa, a calm place with excellent environment for the player’s stress relief.

In Goa we made our last preparation game with a victory, 3-0, against the u17 national team of Mauritius. It was also the moment to announce the official squad of players for the FIFA U17 World Cup. From the 28 players that we call, we had to eliminate 7!!

It’s always a hard decision eliminate 7 players because it envolves a lot of emotions. We have to be cold and fair, making choices in function with team’s ultimate interests. It is a moment of sadness having to say to players that dreamed for so many months with the U17 FIFA World Cup they can’t play in the most important completion of the world on their home country.
And for Danu Rohit (on the picture) was really terrible. The youngest player of the team (born 2002) had a serious injury and is going to miss the World Cup. Bad luck.