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Guinea Bissau

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My experience as Guinea Bissau coach was extremely rich in a humanistic perspective.
When we had our first victory of the 21st century, against Kenya in 2011, breaking 20 year wave of defeats, the population was euphoric. The people went to the streets in a mix of ethnicities and religion, overcrowding the streets of the centre of Bissau. A few hours laters upon the end of the game, CD’s were already in circulation for the effect of people dancing to the joy of victory— of a song referencing their heros, players and coach.
Carlos Júnio, Prime Minister, received personally the technical team formed by me and Helder Fontes, and Romão, to congratulate us.
Emotional and unforgettable.
I was invited to go to various places in Guiné. One of those places, in one of the Bijagós islands, Ourango, I was received by a school and met young students and teachers. A moment where I witnessed a great will to learn regardless of the living conditions. But always with a spontaneous smile of joy. I was then invited to the football field of the island, a terrain of dirt with goals made of wood, where I saw a practice. This street football, full of natural obstacles, is the base of African football’s greatest qualities.

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