“Bom trabalho” Luis Norton de Matos

By October 15, 2017 No Comments

India is expectedly out of the FIFA U-17 World Cup from the group stage and yet it is time to joins hands and say well done. The journey started five years ago and it will take us many more years to get some reckoning at the international stage. But, the good thing is that through this World Cup, India has started taking the right steps, in the right directions.

India played to plan and there had to be a plan to stave off humiliation. At the end of India’s campaign one thing is clear – we can make it if we want and we will make it if we continue from where we started and do not wait for another World Cup to get our act together again.

This time, India found eleven from nowhere to represent its billions. The next time, it should be tough to select the first eleven from thousands. That will be the time football will have started formatting in the country.

India could not have done better because they did their best,

Until then, “bom trabalho” Luis Norton de Matos.

by Augusto Rodrigues, from